We Get Old

Getting Old Can Make
People Sad, Helpless,
Frustrated, and Very Angry.

We live in an Information Age
I offer you the Information
"About Anger".....That's All...
Rest is "Up To You"

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We Get Old...Yes Indeed We Do... is an web resource with a collection of 100s of informative videos on Aging Population regarding their social, personal, medical, and financial issues, concerns, problems, doubts, questions, and remedies on aging and growing old including census of growth of elders, why do you age, aging gracefully, geriatric care, geriatric emergencies, depression, loneliness, suicides, abuse, and laws in elders along with community care and managed care of older Americans.

An Example Out of Over Hundreds
of Videos and other Information.

I Wanna Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler (Cover)

Compiled by Dr. Khare'

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