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 CYBER INFORMATION RESOURCE ON HUMAN ANGER is an web resource with a collection of 100s of informative videos along with number of articles and web links on the subject of human anger. Itís a self help information resource that will let you know the angerís impact on human health, mind, relationship, social, personal, medical, and financial issues, concerns, problems, doubts, questions, and remedies. It contains valuable information on understanding, controlling and dealing with anger, anger management, whatís anger, whatís passive anger, science of anger, psychology of anger, dealing with angry clients, customer, patients, staff, family, and co-workers. Also, it provides the self-assessment questions and resources. web site is an educational, self help collection of cyber information resource only.
It is not a substitute for a professional medical, psychological, social therapeutic help,
counseling, advice or treatment for human anger management.   

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Passive Anger vs. Aggressive Anger | Anger Management

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